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Write a scary story together with a group. Only you don't know what the people before you wrote!

Game type:

Passive. Little or no movement is required.


4 or more players


Notebook and pens


Get everyone into a circle and sit down. Decide who starts the scary story. The first person to start the story makes up a beginning (3 to 5 sentences). The first few sentences should be written on one page and the last sentence gets written on the next. (Use a notebook so you can just flip to the next page) Then he or she passes the notebook to the next person and that person makes up some more of the story but they can only read the last sentence of the person before. This makes the stories more funny and scary. They then write some more and then put the last sentence of their part on the next page and pass it to the next person. ect. ect. until it gets back to the story starter. Then he or she reads the story out loud. Most of the stories are funny.

Submitted by:

Jordan D. , Hemet Ca

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