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A race to put as many socks on one foot as you can. Lots of fun for kids!

Game type:

Active. A lot of movement may be required.


2 or more players


Lots of socks and two blindfolds


Two children at a time play this while the others cheer them on. Have two children seated on the floor with their shoes off, and the pile of tube socks between them. They can each pick one tube sock and have it ready to pull onto their foot before being blindfolded. The host\'s job is to keep track of the time. When the host gives the signal, they have one minute to see who can put the most socks on one foot! There will be grabbling and pulling for socks. It can get pretty hysterical to watch. After one minute, have the two children stop & begin counting how many socks each one has on their foot. Then have the next two children play. If you want, there can be a play-off until you have one winner & a prize.

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