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Throw your spider into the net. See who can get the closest to the center.

Game type:

Active. A lot of movement may be required.


4 or more players


Spiders made from pipe cleaners Web


Buy a decoration spider web and hang it on the wall. Have players make pipe cleaner spiders (see below). Players can stand back from spider web about 3-4 feet and toss their spider toward the web. The one who comes closest to the middle of the web wins.

How to make spiders for tossing:

Hold 4 pipe cleaners together in a bunch. Tightly twist 1/2 of one pipe cleaner around the middle of the 4 pipe cleaners to join them together. Spread pipe cleaners apart slightly and bend ends down to create "legs". Glue pom pom to center of pipe cleaners for body. If desired, use a paper punch to punch out 2 eyes from red paper and glue to body.

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