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Players give word clues to their teammates, trying to avoid the forbidden TABOO words!

Game type:

Active. A lot of movement may be required.


4 or more players


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Why We Like It:

It sounds so simple: get your team to name common words without voicing a few choice descriptors. But could you describe a wristwatch without mentioning time, wrist, or clock? Taboo rewards those who think--and speak--fast. The team that correctly identifies as many words as possible in a minute (measured with an hourglass timer) wins. If a member of the opposing team, armed with the blaring buzzer, catches the clue giver using any of the taboo words, a point is deducted from the group\'s score.

It\'s a good idea to separate people who know each other well, because their familiarity can be too great an advantage. If the clue is spinach, prompting with \"Mom made this every Monday\" just doesn\'t seem fair, though it is permissible according to the rules. Playing Taboo requires an AA battery and a sense of humor--you\'ll need them both! The timer is included. Taboo is for four or more players.

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