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The women get to guess their husband or boyfriend by only seeing their noses!

Game type:

Passive. Little or no movement is required.


4 or more players


Shower curtain or dark sheet (not see through)


This game is good for dating/married couples. Hang a shower curtain or sheet up in your house or outside. You need to cut a hole about the size of a persons nose about the average persons height. Assign each of the men a number and have them all stand out of sight in a side room or around a corner. While the women close their eyes, one stands behind the curtain and puts his nose in the whole. The women then open their eyes have to determine if this nose belongs to their husband/boyfriend. They then close their eyes again and another man passes to the curtain while the man who just did it goes back out of sight. Each man passes to the shower curtain once. After all men have done it, they all come out and the women reveal their guesses. Lots of fun!

Submitted by:

Leslie Johnson, Wheelersburg, OH

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