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Clip the clip on someone and watch the fun begin. Great party game for large groups?

Game type:

Passive. Little or no movement is required.


6 or more players


Clothespin or chip clip


This is a great game that can be played throughout your party. All you need is a clothes pin, a bag, slips of paper, and an imagination. One guest is given a clothes pin at the beginning of the party. Their goal is to discreetly clip it on to someone else\'s person. Afterward they walk away and call out \" Tag\'m and Bag\'m\". Everyone then starts a countdown from 5 as they search frantically to see if they were the one tagged. If the tagged person doesn\'t pull off the clothes pin before the countdown is finished then they must reach into the bag of fate.

Bag of Fate Ideas:

1. Tell a bad joke in a really enthusiastic way
2. Improvise a rap about a person of your choice
3. Sing “You are my sunshine” with a romantic voice
4. Wear diaper made from toilet paper for the next 10 minutes
5. Pretend the pet is your crush and ask it out
6. Imitate a chicken AND a horse at the same time
7. Imitate a monkey AND a donkey at the same time
8. Say the alphabet backwards as fast as possible
9. You have to use a foreign accent for 5 minutes
10. Bare your feet and have them tickled by everyone
11. Put shaving cream on your eyebrows (Don\'t shave) for 5 minutes
12. Sing \"I\'m a Little Tea Pot\" with all the actions
13. Prank call a pizza service and ask if this is 911
14. Try to do the splits as far as you can, and flex your guns
15. Eat a tablespoon of salt, chili and sugar mixed together
16. Skip backwards in a circle and sing the alphabet song
17. Burp your name and the nanes of those to your right and left.
18. Break dance to music for 1 minute
19. Tuck in your shirt. Let someone drop an icecube down your neck. No removal for 30 seconds.
20. Act like a ballerina and and yell “I believe in fairies” for 20 seconds.

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