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A camera is passed around the circle with a timer. But don\'t let it take your picture!

Game type:

Passive. Little or no movement is required.


6 or more players


Point and shoot camera or smart phone with a timer.


Sit in a circle. The best camera is use is a point and shoot because you don\'t want the players to know or see how much time is left on the camera timer. Or you can use a smart phone but have the players hold the camera screen away from them. Start the timer on the camera and pass it around the circle. Each person extends their arm, with the camera facing them and holds it their for a second and takes an imaginary photo or \"Selfie\". They do not push the button however. The timer will trigger the camera at some point and take the photo of whoever is holding the camera. Set the timer again and continue.

Post the pictures on line after the party!

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