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A fast paced verbal circle game. Great fun when it is mastered.

Game type:

Passive. Little or no movement is required.


6 or more players




Everyone sits in a circle. One person begins by looking in a direction and saying ZIP. The next person then says ZIP and it continues round in a circle. At any point the next player in line can choose to say something different. Another command is BOING (difficult to type, as it is the sound a spring makes.) This changes the direction of the ZIP and so it continues back round in the opposite direction. A third possible command is ZAP. ZAP throws the ZIP across the circle to another player. The person who says ZAP points to who they want to have the ZIP. The receiver then looks in the direction they wish to continue play and the zip moves on.

Here comes the fun part!

You can\'t ZAP or BOING immediate after a BOING. You can only ZIP at least once. You can\'t ZAP or BOING immediately after a ZAP. You must ZIP at least once. Simple right?

Fantastically fun game once people have mastered it!

How to Win:

There are four ways to play.

1. Non-elimination - no penatly. In this case, players who make mistakes are not penalized and the play continues. This is the \"just for fun\" version with the object simply being to see how long you can go without a mistake.

2. Non-elimination penatly. In this case, players keep track of the count of their mistakes. After the game time expires, the player with the fewest mistakes wins.

3. Elimination. In this case, a player who makes an error is ejected from the circle and it continues until their are only three left. When the third is eliminated, the last two players both win.

4. Hierarchy method. In this case, the group chooses a lead and the seats are labeled from best to worst. When a player makes a mistake, they are sent to the \"worst\" chair and everyone shifts chairs. This goal is to unseat the head chair and take it over for yourself. The winner is whoever is in the head chair at the end of the game time.

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