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A relay race where your team tries to balance a water balloon on two sticks.

Game type:

Active. A lot of movement may be required.


6 or more players


Water balloons Two sticks for each team Each should be 3 feet long 2x2s work well


Form two equal teams. Determine a start line and a finish line. This can be a straight line or you can race up to a chair and turn around and race back to the start line. Line up the teams. Each team chooses someone to start. They hold a stick in each hand (each racer has two) and another team member loads their sticks with a balloon on the end between the two sticks. They must race to the finish line while not letting it drop. If it drops another member of their team must pick it up and load it again from that point. If it breaks, they must start over again. When a team member finishes, the next team member takes the sticks and the process start all over again. The game ends when all members of a team have successfully completed the race.

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