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A game like musical chairs but with a twist. Don\'t be the last to sit down!

Game type:

Active. A lot of movement may be required.


2 or more players




Depending on how many people there are, set up chairs in several rows, one chair for each person playing the game. For example, If you were playing with sixteen people, you would set up four rows of four chairs each. This is the \"bus\". Each person chooses a seat, and that seat is their permanent seat. No one else can sit in that seat except them for the whole game.

They can only enter their row of seats from one end, and exit their row from the other way in, one way out. All players circle the entire group of chairs. Start the music, and all the players circle around the rows of chairs in ONE backtracking! When the music stops, they must reach their seat as quickly as possible. If they have already passed the entrance to their row, they cannot back up! They must complete the entire circuit around until they reach their entrance, and then climb, leap or whatever it takes to get over whoever may be in the way of THEIR seat!

Last one to sit down is out. They are eliminated from the game, but their chair stays in place. Eventually, you come down to a race between two people walking around those 16 chairs, eyeing each other as they wait for the music to stop so they can either scoot into the entrance to their row, or hurl themselves around trying to pass the other person before he gets to the entrance to HIS row...Oh yeah, it\'s a blast!

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