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Guess who is in every sleeping bag without getting it wrong!

Game type:

Passive. Little or no movement is required.


2 or more players


Sleeping Bags


The group chooses one person to go out the room. Then they all go and hide in a different sleeping bag. When the person who has gone out comes back in they have to guess who is in the sleeping bag just by feeling the sleeping bag. The person in the bag must say \"yes\" or \"no\" in a fake voice. If the guesser guesses wrong then they go to another sleeping bag. If they guess them all wrong then they go out of the room and they swap sleeping bags again. If the guesser gets it correct, the person has to come out of the sleeping bag and say \"You got me\". Then all people who were guess leave the room with the original guesser. Everyone left in the room has to switch sleeping bags and the game continues!


When the last two people are guessed correct, the game is done.

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