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A circle game where you guess which person is which celebrity, but you\'d better have a good memory!

Game type:

Passive. Little or no movement is required.


6 or more players


Paper and pen

Game Rules:

Gather in a circle and pass out papers and pens. Each person in the circle will write the name of a famous celebrity, either dead or alive, on the paper and put into a bowl or hat. After all papers are collected, the host then reads each celebrity name once and ONLY once. Everyone needs to listen carefully! Then host chooses one person to start.

The first player eg. Tim, makes a guess towards any another player (let\'s call this player John) and says for example \"John, I think you are Michael Jordan\". Tim can only guess using celebrity names from the hat or bowl. Then John responds either YES or NO (no lying allowed). If the answer is no and guess was wrong, then the next player in the circle gets to make a new guess. However, if the answer is YES, then John then moves to sit next to Tim and joins Tim\'s team. They then form a \"team\" and from now on, Tim and John will collaborate in placing guesses. After a correct guess and players move seats, then play continues around the circle.

Then the next person in circle gets to make a new guess. And the same results occurs. If they are wrong, the guessing continues moving around the circle. If they guess correctly the person who was revealed moves over to join the guesser and his/her team.

After a few minutes of play, teams will start to form. When the guessing moves around the circle if you are on a team, then the whole team is treated as \"one person\" and gets just one guess. If they guess a celebrity correctly from another team, then that WHOLE team joins the guessing team. If a single person (or team of just one) guess a celebrity of someone already on a team, then the whole team joins the guesser\'s team.

How To Win:

The object here is NOT to get the most people on your team. The game will always progress until there are just two unknown celebrities left. This could mean that there are two teams left, or perhaps a very larger team vs a single individual.

The winner is whoever guesses correctly last in order to assimulate the remaining players into their team. Then, in theory, the entire circle of players are now on their team and they win.

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