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The game of strange noise. But don\'t even think about laughing or you\'re out!

Game type:

Passive. Little or no movement is required.


6 or more players




Sit in a large circle. Someone starts by making a strange noise and an optional hand, head or face gesture with the noise. It could be a grunt, a squeak, a growl or even a simulation of another made up language but it must NOT be real words in any language. No real words are allowed.

Noises must be less than 2 seconds in length.

After someone makes the first noise, the next person in the circle must make the same noise and then make a new noise and/or gesture. The next person in the circle continues and it goes around the circle as many times as wanted.

If anyone laughs at any time they are OUT. Smiles are allowed, but any kind of audible laugh will get you OUT. People are not allowed to cover their mouths or noses with their hands. No touching! This makes it harder and more fun.

How to win:

The winner is the last person who doesn\'t laugh. Have fun!

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