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A circle game of chance where you want to be the last man (or woman) standing

Game type:

Passive. Little or no movement is required.


8 or more players




This game is more fun with a large group. 8 is OK but 15 or 20 is better.

Everyone gathers in a circle with arms around each other\'s shoulders. Everyone bows their head and looks at the floor. Someone must act as the host but they can also play. The host says \"Ready set LOOK!\" and when they say \"LOOK\" everyone looks up and stares at one other person in the circle. It could be someone across from you or even the person right next to you, but you MUST look at someone. If two people end up staring at each other and make eye contact, they both shout \"Aaaahhhhhhh!!!!\" And then they are both out and leave the circle and the next round continues. They circle gets smaller and the host continues to call \"Ready set LOOK\" even if they get out themselves.

How to win:

If the circle starts with an odd number there will always be a winner at the end. If the circle starts with an even number, there will always be two winners at the end.

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