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A fishing game for kids where everyone gets a prize.

Game type:

Passive. Little or no movement is required.


4 or more players


Blue blanket, spring-tension curtain rod, fake fishing poles, prizes, and silly "throw-back" items


Great fun for very young children, and everyone gets a prize. Hang a blue blanket across a doorway using a
spring-tension curtain rod. An adult (the Old Man) hides on one side, in "the sea." Each child takes a turn with the fishing pole (a paper clip or clothes pin acts as the "hook") and casts over the top of the blanket. The
adult on the other side pulls on the line and attaches either a prize or a "throw back," a funny item the child would not want to keep, such as a pair of jockey shorts, a baby bottle, old boot, etc. Each child gets to cast until they win a prize. HINT: In larger groups, two or more children should fish together so that the game does not last too long.

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