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Guess what is inside the bride\'s purse!

Game type:

Passive. Little or no movement is required.


2 or more players


List and pencils


Before the shower the hostess draws up a long list of items which you would expect to find in a woman\'s purse and allocates each item with a number of points from one to twenty, depending on how unusual the item would be, ranging say for one point for a comb to three points for a mirror and five points for nail clippers. Other items could be a driver\'s license, lipstick, key ring with more than five keys on, a key ring with more than ten keys on, more than five credit cards, more than ten credit cards etc.

Each guest in turn shows the hostess the items which she wants credited to her points tally and the guest with the highest amount of points wins the game. If there are any items which are not on the list, or anything particularly unusual the bride and hostess could act as the judges to award a special points award.


A variation on this game could be to see who has the most items in their purse, or who has the heaviest purse.

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