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While blindfolded, break open the pinata to get the candy inside.

Game type:

Active. A lot of movement may be required.


3 or more players


Pinata Candy Blindfold Bat


Make or buy a piņata. You can make or buy piņatas for almost any holiday including Christmas, Halloween, Valentines, Cinch de Mayo etc. Most party stores sell them in all styles and colors. Tie a rope to the piņata and hang from a tree branch. You can also hang over the garage door track inside a garage on rainy days. The main idea is to have an adult be able to raise and lower the piņata using the rope. Another alternative would be to tie the piņata to a long stick and lower it as needed.

The game is played by blindfolding children and letting them hit the piņata with a stick or plastic bat. To insure that every player gets a turn, line up players by age and only allow them 3 hits. You will probably not want to blindfold the players that are under the age of 6 unless they look like a heavy hitter and everyone has not had a turn yet. If you are playing with older children the game can be lengthened by not only blindfolding the kids but turning them around three times to disorient them. As soon as the piņata breaks everyone makes a mad dash for the candy!

Often young children can feel that this method is unfair because all of the children do not get the same amount of candy. To avoid crying children and hurt feelings, put aside a small bag of candy for each child with their name on it. This will not only keep the party happy but will give kids a place to empty their pockets and take home their loot!


For younger children a 2-3 foot piece of PVC pipe works well or a cheap plastic bat which is hollow. A rolled up newspaper also will work well.. For older children, you can use PVC (perhaps a little longer), a 1\" wooden dowel or a neoprene baseball bat. To make things a safe as possible have the group stand a safe distance away and make sure there are enough adults presents to keep little ones from running towards the piņata to get candy while a bat may still be in motion.

How to make a pinata:

To make a Piņata you will need:

1 - 9\" - 25\" sturdy, empty helium balloon
Optional smaller balloons
12\" wide strips of newspaper
Decoupage glue
Sharp scissors
Candy or small toys for filling

Start by inflating the balloon and tying a knot in the end. You can tape several balloons together to create the shape you want your piņata to be but a oval is the easiest shape to work with. Carefully dip the strips on newspaper into the decoupage and gently lay it across the balloon working vertically until it is covered. Continue covering the balloon in the opposite direction horizontally. You can continue adding newspaper strips until the balloon feels solid and firm. When it is dry, use a pin to pop the balloon. Next paint the balloon whatever color you wish and embellish it as desired. Find a place where the a hole will not be easily noticed and cut three sides of a square to create a door that can be opened. Fill your piņata. Run a heavy wire or coat hanger through 3 points at the top of the piņata and twist them together as they join the middle. Next securely tie a rope to the wires and hang the piņata on a tree branch.

Spider piņata: Spray paint the body black and add legs- the can also be made out of newspaper, or toilet paper/paper towel/gift wrap tubes. You can also use cardboard or chenille bumpies (from the craft store). Open slit at top and fill with candy, taping it back up (black electrical tape shouldn\'t show).

Easter egg: For an Easter egg piņata follow the same directions but cover your piņata with aluminum foil or colored plastic wrap for a unique spring look. Add a big, colorful ribbon on top. Fill the piņata egg with Easter grass, small stuffed animals, rubber balls or other small toys and chocolate Easter bunnies.

Dinosaur egg: Big 9\" Balloons make a fun Dinosaur Egg or for a terrific Childs birthday party favor, make a small dinosaur egg for each child the same way as for a large piņata but using small water balloons instead. Paint it green or brown and fill with dinosaur themed stickers, candy, small plastic dinosaur stencils and other toys.

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