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Navigate the "amoeba" group around obstacle to a destination. A fun large group activity.

Game type:

Active. A lot of movement may be required.


15 or more players




This is for a very large mixed group. Divide the group into two smaller groups, not quite half-and-half. One group links arms in a circle facing outward. The other players stands freely inside the circle. It is best if the inner group is rather tightly packed inside the circle. Adjust group sizes to fit. One person is chosen to be
the "nucleus" of the "amoeba", and sits on the shoulders of a (preferably strong) person inside the circle. The "nucleus" then has to navigate the "amoeba" through and around the party area, or building, to a pre-selected finish line, perhaps from outdoors to indoors, or upstairs to downstairs, room to room, etc. The "nucleus" MUST remain in or near the center of the "amoeba". This game is most fun if there are obstacles to navigate, the more difficult the better!

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