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Another keep from laughing circle game. This one could be hilarious.

Game type:

Passive. Little or no movement is required.


3 or more players




Everyone stands in a circle with their hands at their sides or behind their back. One person starts by saying, "This is a sad, solemn occasion, isn't it, Jane?" indicating the name of any other player. It does not have to be the next person in the circle. The entire group bends forward at the waist and all say, "MMmm-hmmm," then stand up straight. The chosen player, in this case Jane, must say, "Yes, it is a sad, solemn occasion, isn't it, Frank?" The group responds again, Frank replies, and passes the phrase to the next chosen person. The catch is, no one must smile, laugh, or make any other sound during the game. If they do, they are out. If a person goes "out" when they are the chosen player, play passes to the person to the left or right, whatever the group decides beforehand.


This game is over when the last person is standing.

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