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Create hilarious stories by randomly piecing the story together by several players.

Game type:

Passive. Little or no movement is required.


3 or more people


Pencils and paper for all


Have everyone that is playing sit in a circle. Each person must have a piece of paper. Each player writes a boys name on the top of the piece of paper and folds it over so that no one can see it. Then everybody passes it to the person on their left. Then with the piece of paper that they currently have, they write a girls name. Then they fold it and pass it. Then they write a place for two people to meet. Fold and pass. Then they write something that suddenly happened. Fold and pass. Then write something for the guy to say (example: That was weird!.) Then fold and pass. Write something that she could say. Then fold and pass. Then write what they ended up doing and fold and pass. Then you take turns reading your piece of
paper in the form of a story. For example:

Donald W.
Sherry S.
His pants ripped
That was weird
Ha Ha
Licking each other's feet

How you read it:

Once upon a time Donald W. and Sherry met at McDonalds. All of the sudden Donald's pants ripped. "That was weird" he said. "Ha Ha" she laughed. They ended up licking each other's feet.

Something To Keep In Mind:

The object of the game is to not peek to see what the other people wrote because then it is more funny when they don't make much sense.

Submitted by:

Jess Feldmann, Scarville IA

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