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Randomly choose two skittles at a time and put them in your mouth but only eat them if….

Game type:

Passive. Little or no movement is required.


3 or more players


At least one pound of skittles, a large bowl, a towel, and possibly a garbage can for those whom have sensitive stomachs


Pour the skittles into the bowl and cover it with the towel. Have everybody sit in a circle. Choose a person in the circle to start. The person grabs two skittles from the circle. If they are the same color they may eat them but if not they must keep them in their mouth and it is the next persons turn. The play continues around the circle with each player blindly choosing two skittles. If they pick two more of the same color they can eat what is in their mouth. If someone gets two of the same color and doesn\'t finishing chewing what is in his/her mouth by the time they get to their next turn, they have to stop chewing unless it\'s the same color skittles again. Play until everyone is sick of skittles.

Submitted by:

Sunnie Kuhn, Idaho Falls ID

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