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Take sweets home with you but don't pick the TOMMY sweet or you're hosed!

Game type:

Passive. Little or no movement is required.


2 or more players


A big bag of sweets, a plate, a small bag for each person to put their sweets


The group sits in a circle and one person (the detective) goes out of the room, closes his/her eyes and sticks his/her fingers in their ears. While the detective is out of the room the other people put sweets such as wrapped candies, homemade treats etc. onto a plate and name one sweet "TOMMY". Then the detective comes back into the room and picks up one sweet at a time, when the detective picks up "Tommy" the other people stop the person and all the sweets the detective has picked up is theirs to keep and the left overs go back with the other sweets. Then another person is the detective and leaves the room etc. This carries on while each person takes a turn until all the sweets have been used.

Submitted by:

Hannah Jackson, Birmingham. Thanks Hannah!

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