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Make the person in the middle laugh by only saying the catch phrase

Game type:

Passive. Little or no movement is required.


4 or more players




Form a circle and place one person in the middle. The people forming the circle will ask questions to the person in the middle. Choose a person to ask the first question and move in a clockwise direction. The person in the middle MUST answer every question by saying \"Soggy Wieners.\" It is the job of the other people to make this person laugh by asking questions to them. If the person in the middle laughs, then the person who asked the question is the new person in the middle. The game continues until everybody dies of explosive diarrhea. Since after a while the catch phrase gets old, here are some suggestions for what to answer with instead of \"Soggy Wieners\"

*Herpes Epidemic
*Poo flavored ice cream
*My chocolate salty balls
*A quadrupalegic riding a pony
*Naked Oompa Loompa
*Puppy Kicker

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