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A thinking game where you have to identify something that the whole group has in common by hearing adjectives which describe it.

Game type:

Passive. Little or no movement is required.


6 or more players




Have the group sit in a circle. Send one person from the group out of the room. While that person is gone, the group must decide on something which everyone in the group has. This might be a body part (lips, toenails etc.) or physical possessions (cars, pianos etc.) or even more abstract things such as a sense of humor. Once the group has determined that thing they have in common, the person comes back into the room and begins to ask each player in the circle "How's Your's?. Each player then replies with a one word adjective (once in a while a two word phrase is acceptable) describing the thing they have. For example, if the item is chest hair, one man might say "luscious" while another might simply say "brown". A woman might say "non-existent" or "invisible".

The trick to making this game fun is to try to invent descriptive adjectives which are clever but don't easily reveal the chosen thing. It is best to start with harder, more ambiguous adjectives and move towards more direct and revealing adjectives as the person approaches the last few players. For example, if the group chooses "teeth" then a poor choice of adjectives early on would be "brushed" or "crowned" or "plaque covered" and a better choice might be "wet" or "holey" (meaning cavities).

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