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A hilarious improvisation game where you act out a scene in the manner of the adverb chosen by the group.

Game type:

Active. A lot of movement may be required.


6 or more players




Have the group sit in a circle. Choose a person to leave the room out where they cannot hear the group discussion. The remaining group then chooses an adverb. This could be any adverb such as "musically", "quietly", "sarcastically", "athletically", "religiously" etc. Remember, adverbs usually end in "LY". After the group has chosen, ask the person to rejoin the group. The person returns and then has several members of the group act out a scene of their choice. For example they might say "I want Tom, Dave and Tina to act out a scene where Tom and Tina are a couple having dinner and they have a problem with the meal. Dave is the waiter." Then the actors must improvize the scene acting it out in the manner of the adverb. So if the adverb is "athletically", the waiter might be running in place etc. The more creative, the better. This game has the potential to be absolutely hilarious!

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