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Choose cards randomly from the deck which are relabeled for Valentines fun!

Game type:

Passive. Little or no movement is required.


2 players only


standard deck of cards


Start by relabeling a deck of cards with romantics treats. Here are some ideas:

Aces - kiss your honey on the neck.
Twos - eat a chocolate kiss
Threes - 1 minute back rub
Fours - give your honey a peck on the cheek
Fives - 1 minute foot rub
Sixes - do a sexy dance for 1 minute for your honey
Sevens - take off your shirt
Eight - let your partner take something off you -their choice
Nines - sing a love song to your honey
Tens - run your fingers through your honey\'s hair
Jacks - nibble on your honey\'s ears
Queens - kiss your honey on the mouth for 1 minutes
Kings - do anything your honey asks!

Be creative and think of others.

Shuffle the deck and deal a pre-determined number of cards. Each player might get 8 cards for example. Lay the cards out in front of you . Players take turns turning over their cards. Your spouse or significant other must do whatever the card says to you!


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