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Invent funny sentences quickly for big laughs!

Game type:

Passive. Little or no movement is required.


6 or more players




Have the group sit in a circle. Each new sentence created will consist of 5 parts or components and thus you will need 5 players participating in each round. Have all players take a piece of paper and write down four words numbering them from 2-5. Tell them they need to fill in the following blanks \"I really really love to __________ (a verb) __________ (an adjective), ___________ (another adjective), _____________ ( a noun). The first word (#2) should be a verb in the infinitive form which should work in conjunction will a noun that will follow. Once the players have written their words, choose a player to start. This players is #1 and says out loud \"I really really love to ...\" This is best done with a lot of emotion. Then the next player read their #2 word. The player after that read their #3 word and so on until #5. Ideally what should follow is some sort of weird sentence such as \"I really really love to blow dry, hot, rancid, car wax\" or \"I really really love to smell, long, pink toaster ovens.\" After each sentence is read, the next person in the circle becomes the new #1 and starts another sentence. Eventually there should be one crazy sentence for each person in the circle. Once the group gets the hang of it, it can be hysterical. It\'s often best to do two rounds since the second round can get really funny once everyone gets the game.


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