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Give a party prize away to the person with oldest coin.

Game type:

Passive. Little or no movement is required.


6 or more players


A small, inexpensive gift (a bottle of wine, chocolates, a set of screwdrivers etc)


The host pretends to be an auctioneer and shows the prize saying "This beautiful _____________ is up for bid. All you need is a date. Pull out your coins and your bills and check the dates. I'm looking for a 2000 bill or coin or lower. Do I have a 2000?" At this point players should be opening their wallets a fishing out bills and coins. Eventually someone will say "I've got a 1996 quarter" or something like this. The host then says "I've got a '96, do I have a '95?" Hopefully another player will have a lower date to continue the bidding. Keeping bidding the date down as low as possible until you've reaching the lowest date. The player with the lowest date bill or coin wins the auction.

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