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Race the clock to fill the swimming pool to a depth of 3 inches. Who can do it the fastest?

Game type:

Active. A lot of movement may be required.


6 or more players


Small plastic swimming pool A hose (water source) Two large buckets A ruler A clock or watch


Divide the group into two evenly numbered teams. A team should have a minimum of 3 players but 5 is better. Choose a team to go first. One member of that team should stand in the pool. The other members of the team will line up from the hose to the pool. One member of the team will work the hose--the others will be "bucket passers." Inform the team that they will pass buckets of water "down the line" to fill the pool to a depth of 2 inches (you can alter this depth based on the size of the pool) and that the game will end after 5 minutes if they have not yet reached the goal. Start the game. The passing continues back and forth until the team reaches their goal or they run out of time. The team uses the ruler to measure the depth. Once the depth is reached all member of the team must jump into the pool to stop the clock. Mark down the time. Have the second team play and then announce the winner!

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