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See who can create the biggest bubble while racing against the clock.

Game type:

Active. A lot of movement may be required.


2 or more players


Bubble making hoops Bubble soap mixture


For this game you'll need at least two bubble hoops. This are fairly cheap at any toy store or you can make your own by bending coat hangers etc.


Mix two tablespoons of liquid detergent and about 1 cup of water. The ideal mix depends on the container so feel free to experiment beforehand. Pour into a couple of pie pans.


Choose one player to act as judge and timekeeper. Set a time frame for each round. 15 seconds is a good amount. Start the clock. Use the bubble hoops to dip into the soap and blow bubbles. The participant who can make the biggest bubble wins. You can have a single elimination bubble blowing tournament by pairing off players in groups of two and having multiple rounds until you have the grand master bubble blower!

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