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A tag game where you can only tag specific body parts.

Game type:

Active. A lot of movement may be required.


6 or more players




Choose a tag area. Select one player to stay outside the tag area and be the \"chooser.\" Everyone else is in the tag area and one player in the tag area is chosen as the \"tagger.\" The chooser chooses a body part such as arm, leg, nose, head, chin, foot etc. and yells that part to the group. The players try to avoid being tagged by the tagger on that specified body part. So, for example, if the caller says \"foot,\" the players try to keep their feet away from the tagger. When the caller says another body part, that becomes the tagger\'s new targe, the original body part becomes off limits again. Players who are correctly tagged join the tagger in pursuing the remaining players. The chooser acts as judge in case of questionable tags.

Other versions:

For a non-swimming version see Swimming Body Part Tag.

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