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A relay race where you dress up in funny clothes and race to the finish line.

Game type:

Active. A lot of movement may be required.


6 or more players


Two hats, two pairs of large pants, two pairs of large shoes, two suit cases or boxes or trash bags, two pairs of sunglasses, two wigs (optional), two ties (already knotted) etc.


Determine a starting line and a turn back line about 15 feet apart. Place each set of clothes in a separate bag or suitcase. Place the suitcases at the start lines. Divide the players into two small groups and line them up at the start line.


Blow the whistle or say go! The first players in each line open the suitcase and put on the clothes. They then shut the suit case and run to the turn back line and then stop, take off the clothes, put them back in the suitcase and carry the suitcase back to the start line where the process starts all over again with the next person. The first team to be done wins.


You can add more clothes to the list to make it funnier. For example, add a wig, a slip, some socks, a purse etc.

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