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Race the clock while figuring out as a team how to pass a ball from one end of the team to the other as quickly as possible.

Game type:

Active. A lot of movement may be required.


8 or more players




Before the game, write the following on slips of paper. You'll need one slip of paper for each player. If you have lots of players then simply duplicate some of the following:

1. You cannot use your hands.
2. You cannot use your hands or feet.
3. You cannot use your hands and cannot let the ball touch the ground at any time.
4. You can use only your left hand and must stand on only one foot.

If a team has more than four players, at least one member of each team should be assigned one of the above rules.


Divide the players into two equal teams and have each team stand in a line. Have the players reach in a hat or bowl and draw one out. Then explain that the object will be to figure out as a team how to pass a ball from one end of the team to the other while abiding by the rules on the slips of paper. Give the team one minute to show each other their slips of paper and develop a plan. Then when both teams are ready say go! The first team to complete the task wins!

Topics for discussion:

After the race is over you can ask some questions. What was the hardest part of the race? Why did a teams strategy work better than another's?

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