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Complete the relay race pretending to be an automobile with a few problems.

Game type:

Active. A lot of movement may be required.


2 or more players




Determine a starting line and a turn back line about 20 feet apart. Divide into two equal teams and line up at the starting line. The race has two segments which can happen in a row or with a small break in between. In each segments the teams pretend to be an automobile with a problem. For each type of problems, they will run the relay in a different way. Here are some examples. You can think up others.

1. Windshield wipers are stuck on - the player race to the turn back line and back while waving arms like wipers
2. Radio is stuck on - player sing the whole way
3. Horn is stuck - players make horn noises
4. Stuck in reverse - player run backwards
5. No brakes - players race as fast as possible.

You choose which ones you want for the relay.


The first team to complete both relays is the winner. You can do more than two segments if you'd like. The more problems, the more fun!

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