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A group game where a murderer kills other players with a wink or blink.

Game type:

Passive. Little or no movement is required.


6 or more players




Decide up front whether a murder kills by winking or blinking or both. Put one piece of paper in a bowl for each player and mark one with an 'X'. Have someone take the bowl around and have each player take one, look at it and then replace it in the bowl. The player with the X is the murderer. All the other players sit down and form a circle. Place a flashlight in the middle of the group and cover it with a cloth to make it dark but make sure that all the players can see each others eyes. The murderer then tries to kill the others by blinking or winking at them. If the other players get winked or blinked at, they fall to the ground and pretend to be dead. It is perfectly acceptable to be very dramatic when you die!


The players who are not the murderer try to guess who the murderer is. However, there is risk associated with guessing. If a player wants to guess they must say "I suspect" and a second player must say "I second it". It a second player does not second the guess then the guess is not valid. However, if the guess is seconded by a second player then the guesser states who they think it is. If the accused person is the real murderer they must admit it and the game ends. If the accused person is NOT the murder then the accused person must say "I'm not the murderer" and both the guesser and the player who seconded the guesser die instantly and are out of the game.


The game continues until either the murderer is accused and discovered or until all the players are dead.

Host version:

Any version of murder can be played with one person acting as host. The host does not participate in the game. The host chooses the murderer by having all players close their eyes and then touching one on the head. In the host version, when person wants to accuse a player of being the murderer they don't need someone to second it. They can simply say "I accuse _____" and state the person's name. The host then says whether they are correct or not and either they die or the game ends if they are correct.

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