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Volleyball played with a beachball and with no visibility to the other side of the court.

Game type:

Active. A lot of movement may be required.


6 or more players


Volleyball court and net, beachball and sheets or blankets


Standard volleyball rules apply. Except that a blanket or sheet is draped over the net preventing each team from knowing when the ball is coming. A beach ball should be used instead of a standard volley ball. One team serves and the other team has three hits to get it over the net. Serves cannot be returned on the first hit. The first hit for the receiving team must be an underhand hit (a bump). If the ball touches the ground before going over the net, it is returned to the other team for another serve. If a serving team can keep the opposing team from returning the ball, they score a point. If the serving team allows the ball to touch the ground or has greater than three hits, the ball moves to the other team and they serve. The ball must stay within the court boundaries or else a side out results. First team to 15 wins.

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