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A relay race where you try to put on your "fire fighter" jacket and put out the fire first.

Game type:

Active. A lot of movement may be required.


6 or more players


Two chairs and two jackets These can be any kind of jackets with buttons like a suit jacket Some rope for a hose


Divide into two equal teams. Place two chairs side by side 10-20 feet from the starting line. Turn the sleeves of two jackets inside out and hang them on the backs of the two chairs. Put a 3-5 foot piece of rope under each of the two chairs. At the whistle, the first players of each team race to the chairs, they take their jackets off the chairs, turn the sleeves right side out, put them on and do up all the buttons. Then each they grab to hose and pretend to spray out the fire. They quickly remove the jacket, turn it inside out again and run back to their team and the next player runs and starts the same process all over.


The first team to complete the relay and cross the start line wins!

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