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Catch Phrase is the game of 10,000 words and a million laughs.

Game type:

Active. A lot of movement may be required.


2 or more players


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Why We Like It:

Ever play \"Hot Potato\" with a spud that ticks and talks? Welcome to Electronic Catch Phrase, the battery-powered blend of clue deduction and race against the clock.

Two teams of two or more players each alternate turns, guessing the answers to clues in 11 categories, from Food & Drink to Tech & Inventions. Set the timer on the discus-like game unit, and the clue-giving countdown begins; if a team\'s guess matches the response on the game\'s readout, pass the unit to the opponents. Just don\'t get caught holding this potato when the buzzer sounds (after about a minute of increasingly insistent beating), as the other team will score a point, possession being nine- tenths of the \"Awww!\" With its infectious mix of fast, nerve-wracking, high- pressure passing the buck, Electronic Catch Phrase spreads a serious case of fun. --Tony Maso

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