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Balderdash is a great game that combines wordsmithing and bluffing.

Game type:

Active. A lot of movement may be required.


2 or more players


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Why We Like It:

Balderdash is the classic Adult Party game where bluffing your friends moves you closer to victory! For up to 6 players, with 5 hilarious categories – Weird Words, Peculiar People, Incredible Initials, Marvelous Movies, & Laughable Laws – Balderdash will keep you and your friends laughing for hours!

Each card lists People, Words, Initials, Movies and Laws that you’ve probably never heard of. But that’s where the fun really begins, because you get to make up an answer that’s as silly or as serious as you want. Players make up phony answers, read them off along with the correct answer, and others vote on which answer is real. You score points for guessing the correct answer or successfully bluffing the other players. Would you believe that in Fairbanks, Alaska, it was illegal to serve beverages to a moose? You better, ’cause it’s true.

Each player rotates being The “Dasher” (or judge). During each player’s turn as The Dasher, he/she rolls the dice which will indicate which category to select. The Dasher then reads the unknown name, initials, or phrase on the card and the other players record what they think the correct answer is on their Balderdash pads. Once everyone has submitted an answer, the Dasher reads each answer aloud, including the correct answer and players vote on which answer they believe is the actual answer. Players score points and advance on the board by guessing the correct answer, or by bluffing other players to select their answer as the correct answer. The first player to the end of the board wins! So, grab the bull by the horns and play Balderdash, the game that’s hilarious beyond belief.

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