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Players guess rhyming words using clever visual clues. Whoever guesses the most correctly wins.

Game type:

Active. A lot of movement may be required.


4 to 20 players


Paper and pencils for players, items for clues which can be miscellaneous


The host must prep 10 to 20 visual clues before the party or game begins. These will be scattered across the house, apartment or building where the game is played so it's best to print numbers from 1 to 20 (or whatever) and then place the number with the visual clue. Visual clues need to rhyme. Examples are below but you can invent your own.

Example 1: Tape on the drape. Tape and Drape are rhyming words. Host would place a piece of tape on a drape in the home and attached a #1 next to the tape.

Example 2: Bar on the jar. A candy bar is placed on top of a mason jar with #2 next to it.

Example 3: Call on the wall. This would work for a telephone which is mounted on a wall. A #3 would be put on on the phone.

Here are additional ideas:

Name on a frame - place a name on a picture frame
Fowl on a towel - a towel with a bird on it
Glue on chew - some glue on a pack of gum
Rice on dice - a few grains of rice on a pair of dice
Sweet on a sheet - a piece of candy on a blank sheet of paper
Hair on a bear - a hairy bear
Swipe on a wipe - a pen mark on some toilet paper
Look on a book - some glasses on top of a book
Marker on a barker - a pen on top of a stuffed toy dog
Nation information - a picture of the 50 states
Dime on time - a dime is placed on a watch
Reflection direction - a compass (or picture of a compass) is placed on a mirror

Etc. Etc.

After all clues are created and numbers, the game is ready to begin.


Each player is given a sheet of paper numbered 1 to whatever (depends on how many clues you have). They are told to wander around the house/building and find the visual clues which are numbered. They should write the rhyming answer next to the corresponding number on their paper. A time limit is set. Perhaps 10 minutes. The host should explain that the words may or may not include "on a" or "in a" between them. For example, "reflection direction" does not include the words "on a " or "in a" but this is perfectly OK. Some correct answers will have them and some will not. It is up to the host to decide what is a correct answer.


After the time limit is up, the group gathers and the host reads each answer. Players mark there correct answers. The prize goes to the player with the most correct answers.

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