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This is a creativity game where you invent interesting statues which are for sale.

Game type:

Active. A lot of movement may be required.


6 or more players




One player is the storekeeper, one is the buyer, and the rest are statues. These positions can be rotated after each round of the game. The storekeeper spins the people who are going to be statues around and around and then lets go (pepper is fast spins; salt is slow spins). The players who are statues must remain how they've fallen or landed and must think up a type of statue for that position. For example, if I land with my feet shoulder width apart and my arms flung out, I may decided to be a tennis player statue.

Then the storekeeper goes around to the different statues, and they tell him/her what kind they are. Next enters a buyer. The storekeeper explains each statue and demonstrates them by touching their nose. This is their "on" button and makes them move.


In the end, the buyer decides which statue s/he wishes to buy and that statues get a point. The first person who gets 2 points wins.

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