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Force your opponents to collapse their 'horse' made of people.

Game type:

Active. A lot of movement may be required.


6 or more players




Divide the group into two smaller groups. Strong or heavy players will have an advantage in this game.


One team lines up in the following way: the first player bends over and wraps his/her arms around a tree or similar object. The next player bends over and hugs the first kid around the waist. The remaining players on the team do the same one after the other to form a "horse". The other team takes turns shouting "Buck Buck number 1(2, 3,...) coming!" Then with a running start, they jumping onto the back of the "horse". Each player stays on the horse while subsequent jumpers accumulate.


The object is to see how many players it takes to "break" the horse up and make it fall. The winning team is the one who holds the most players. There is some strategy involved both in forming the horse (deciding where your weaker players go in the line) and in the order in which players jump onto the horse.

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