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A tag game where balls 'kill' you out but a 'doctor' can heal you instantly.

Game type:

Active. A lot of movement may be required.


10 or more players


Two jackets or vest for the doctors Lots of playground balls (they should be soft enough not to injure someone when thrown)


Divide the group into two teams. Each team must choose a person to be the doctor. Both doctors must wear something to distinguish them as doctors such as a hunting vest or a bright jacket. There are no out of bounds in this game. There should be at least one ball for every 3 players. Someone says 'go' and each team tries to get the other teams players out by throwing the balls at them. If you are hit you must remain where you are. The doctors can move around the playing field and heal people by simply touching them. If you are healed you are back in the game and can continue moving. Doctors can be permanently removed from the game by being hit by a ball. Once a doctor is out he/she can't be healed. The game continues until all players are out and one team wins. .

Valid throws:

1. Outs cannot be made by deflection shots or shots which bounce off one person and hit another.
2. Outs cannot be made by grounders or balls which bounce off the ground and then hit a person.
3. Outs cannot be made by simply touching a ball to someone like in baseball. They must be thrown at least a one foot distance to be valid.
4. You cannot get your own team mate out.

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