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A basketball game where two teams shoot and can 'knockout' another teams player by making consecutive shots.

Game type:

Active. A lot of movement may be required.


2 or more players


One basketball hoop and two basketballs


Divide into two even teams. Each team lines up on at the free throw line about 6-8 feet apart. At an agreed start point, the first two shooters shoot any kind of shot. This would include jump shots or lay ups. If both players make their shots, they grab their basketballs and hand them to the next two people in line who then proceed to shoot. However, if one or both first shooters miss, they must shoot again until either they make it or they are 'knocked out'.


A player (let's call him player 1) is 'knocked out' if two players from the opposing team (Players 2 and 4) both shoot and make baskets BEFORE the player 1 can make a basket. Here's an example scenario. Players 1 and 2 shoot. Player 2 makes the shot and quickly hands the ball to player 4 who takes a jump shot and misses. In the mean time player takes a second shot and misses again. Player 4 however rebounds the ball from his first miss and shoots a lay up and make it just as player 1 goes to make a lay up. Because player 4 made the shot first, player 1 is out. The game continues. Player 4 hands the ball to player 6 (2, 4 and 6 are on the same team) while player 3 gets the ball from player 1 who is out. Player 3 and 6 now shoot at the same time and begin the next round.


Play continues until an entire team is knocked out. Sometimes the competition with get down to two players, one from each team. The first player to make the shot wins. The other is knocked out.

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