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A sports game involving shooting a basketball from different locations on the court.

Game type:

Active. A lot of movement may be required.


2 or more players


Basketball court Basketball


Determine the area within which the players can shoot. It should be clear what is out of bounds. Shots can be made from anywhere within the agreed upon area. It is also important that all players agree whether trick shots are allowed and whether there are air ball penalties.


A turn order is decided in which players will shoot the basketball. The first shooter attempts to make a basket from anywhere on the court. If the shooter makes the shot, the next player must make the same shot from the same position using the same technique (hook shot, jump shot etc.). If the next player makes the shot as well, the third player must attempt to make the same shot. If all players make the shot and the original shooter's turn comes up, the original shooter chooses a new spot from which to attempt a basket.


Players accumulate letters of the word "HORSE" by the following actions:

1. Missing a shot following a shot that was made.
2. Shooting out of turn
3. Shooting from the wrong position.
4. Using the wrong technique (i.e. shooting a hook shoot instead of a jump shot)
5. Shooting air balls

Given there are 5 letters in the word "HORSE", a player basically has 5 chances to mess up before exiting the game. Once they have acquired all 5 letters (H-O-R-S-E) they are out and the game continues with the rest of the players until only one player is left - the winner!

Trick shots:

Trick shots can be very creative. . For example, one popular shot is where the ball is thrown from behind the basket over the top of the backboard, bounces once, is caught in the air and shot into the basket before landing on the ground. It is best to call trick shots to reduce any uncertainty around whether a shot that goes in was intentionally a trick shot or just plain lucky.

Trick shots can be called such as 'Backboard', 'Swish', and 'Ground'. This means that the ball must be, respectively, shot off the backboard, only be allowed to touch the net, and shot by bouncing the ball off the ground.

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