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A French game of steal the flag.

Game type:

Active. A lot of movement may be required.


10 to 30 players


Flag and flag stick base


Divide equally into two groups. A rectangle is decided for the limits or the playing area - say like a tennis court size or slightly bigger. At one end of the playing area, a wood base is placed. The base should be at least 1.5x1.5 ft sq. with a hole drilled in the center for a broomstick sized flag stick. The flag should be mounted on a shortened broomstick and inserted in the hole facing towards the offensive team. The playing field should look something like the drawing below:

Playing field:



The two teams will trade off being offense and defense. The offensive team has to take the flag home. The defense has to stop them from stealing the flag. The offense team places one police officer in the center zone. Here are the rules:

1. The offense team is safe from being killed (touched by an opponent) when standing in the offense zone.
2. Offense players can be killed by being touched or tagged by defense players.
3. Defense players can be killed only by the \"offense police officer\" in No Man\'s Land.
4. The offense team CAN go into the defense zone. But the defense team CANNOT go into the offense zone.
5. In order for the scoring to take effect, the player must not move (up and down, wobbling...) the broomstick / flag while running towards his/her safe zone. The stick must be held straight in front of him and high (the hand is at the chin level or about).


If the flag is taken by an offense player without going into the defense zone, his/her team gets 2 points. If the flag is taken by going into the defense zone, then, only 1 point is scored. The game ends after both teams have played an equal amount of rounds as the offense team...and the winner is the team that has reached the highest score- usually decided in advance, e.g. 10.

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