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Use mind reading to determine the color of the spider spots.

Game type:

Passive. Little or no movement is required.


2 or more players


A witch's pot (bowl) Fake plastic spiders Paint Paper and pen


Have all players sit in circle around the witch's pot. Next choose someone to be the "witch". You should have one less spider than the number of players you have (e.g. 10 players, 9 spiders etc.) Before the game take the plastic spiders and paint a red or white mark on the bottom of each which is not visible from the top. Put the spiders (mark's facing down) into the pot. The "witch" can wear a witch's hat for fun. Everyone chooses a spider without letting the witch see the color on the bottom. The witch, who is seated in the middle, tries to guess the color of each child's spider spot. As he/she goes from player to player, he/she gets help from the spider holders, who try to help them psychically "see" their color by thinking hard about it (red, red, red). After he/she guesses, right or wrong, each spider holder reveals their color to the witch. An adult or older child sits nearby to tally up the number of rights, and then the game starts over with the next "witch." When each player has had a turn at being the witch, the player who had the power to "see" the most colors correctly wins.

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