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A relay race where you try to be the first to fill your witch's cauldron with goo.

Game type:

Active. A lot of movement may be required.


6 or more players




First, make a batch of goo. See instructions below. You can make it as part of the game if you want. Pour the slime into a cauldron (a bucket or bowl) for each team. You'll need two additional empty bowls for each team, as well. This game should be played outside. Put the cauldron of goo for each team at one end of a yard and the empty bowl for each team at the other. A distance of 20 feet is pretty good. The kids form a line behind their team's cauldron of slime. When the leader yells "Go!" the players run with a sloppy handful of slime (one at a time in a relay) to fill the empty bowl. The first team to fill its cauldron wins

Goo recipe:

The recipe to make goo is one part water to four parts cornstarch and some food coloring. Mix in buckets until it has a smooth consistency. It should ooze in your hand when touched.

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