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A sports game involving shooting a basketball from different locations on the court and allows tipping.

Game type:

Active. A lot of movement may be required.


2 or more players


Basketball court Basketball


Determine the area within which the players can shoot. It should be clear what is out of bounds. Shots can be made from anywhere within the agreed upon area. It is also important that all players agree whether trick shots are allowed and whether there are air ball penalties.


Being a tipper doesn't mean you're safe from getting letters. If a tipper attempts to make a tip and misses, the next player in the turn cycle may attempt to tip the ball. If they are successful, the unsuccessful tipper is penalized with a letter.

Multiple letters can be given out in a single turn of Tip Horse, so you must pay attention to your turn and who is getting letters for different errors. Here is a listing of the ways in which players are penalized with letters.

1. Any air ball shot is penalized with one letter. An air ball is defined, at our house, as a ball that fails to touch the rim or backboard or go through the hoop. Any part of the backboard counts. The net does not count. Air ball do not count on tips. In other words, if you attempt to tip a missed shot and you miss the hoop and backboard, you will not be penalized with a letter. Tipping is good and should be promoted as it makes play exciting.

2. Any missed shot after a player has established a set shot. This means that if player 1 has made a shot and player 2 misses their attempt to make the same shot, they are penalized with a letter.

3. Any successful tip results in a penalty letter to the previous shooter.

4. Going out of turn results in a penalty letter.

5. Tipping the ball when it is not your turn results in a penalty letter.

6. Intentionally interfering with another player's turn results in a penalty letter.

So, following these rules, you can see how a single player might be penalized with three letters in a single turn. For example, player 1 establishes a shot, player 2 misses the shot with an air ball, and player 3 catches the air ball in the air and tips it into the basket (1 letter for the missed shot + 1 letter for the air ball + 1 letter for the tip).

We allow trick shots that call for multiple action. For example, one of the 'House' shots is that we throw the ball from behind the basket over the top of the backboard, let the ball bounce once, catch it in the air and shoot a basket before landing on the ground.

Tip order:

If a player attempts to make a tip and it rolls off their hands, the next player may grab the ball immediately, so pay attention to your turn relative to tips. This is where most people lose out in that they forget their tip turn.

Calling shots:

Shots can be called such as 'Backboard', 'Swish', and 'Ground'. This means that the ball must be, respectively, shot off the backboard, only be allowed to touch the net, and shot by bouncing the ball off the ground. If a player calls one of these shot and makes the basket but fails to cover the call, the ball is tippable. For example, if a player calls 'Backboard' and the ball bounces off the rim and goes through the hoop, never touching the backboard, the next player may catch the ball through the hoop and tip it in.

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