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A guessing game where you tell the group two truths and one lie and them must guess the lie.

Game type:

Passive. Little or no movement is required.


2 or more players




Have the group gather in circle. Have each person in the group think or write two truths and one lie about themselves. It's best if the truths are a bit outlandish and the lies seem a bit more probable. This makes it more difficult for the group to guess which is the lie. In turn, each person gets a chance to say their 2 truths and the lie in any order. Then the group can discuss and each individual can guess which is the lie. The person then reveals which is actually the lie and it becomes the next person's turn moving around the circle.

Competitive variation:

If you want to keep score, each person can track how many guesses are correct. The person with the most correct wins!

Anonymous variation:

Have each person write the 2 truths and 1 lie on a piece of paper, then fold it and place it in a bowl. The host randomly pulls the papers from the bowl one at a time and reads them to the group. Then the group must guess BOTH the person and which is the lie. It's best if they guess the person first and have this revealed, then the lie next.

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